Masters of Trading



Back to School?? It ain’t all that bad, in fact, it’s GREAT! 🙂

learn. GROW. EVoLVE. THRIVe.

With Masters of Trading and our award winning Trading Academy we will teach you not only how to Trade but we will teach you how to Trade like a PRO… all while having fun in the process.

Our Trading Academy is a different grade compared to all the other trading schools and offer the full complete package covering all bases:

  • Trading – The Basics, Intermediate, Advanced (and secrets nobody else teaches!)
  • Mentality / Psychology
  • Wellbeing – Health and Fitness
  • and so much more……

To go Pro you need to develop as a person, develop good habits, grow through education and all in all, evolve in to what we class as a Professional Trader. All while having fun!

Trading - The Basics ​ ​

Charts – Candles
Technical, Fundamental, Sentimental Analysis
Markets – Brokers – Trading

Trading - Intermediate ​ ​ ​

Candles – Time Frames – Markets
Technical, Fundamental, Sentimental Analysis
Money Management – Trading – First Steps to Going Pro

Trading - Advanced ​ ​

Markets – Trading
​Technical, Fundamental, Sentimental Analysis
Money Management – Advanced Trading

risk management ​​

Position Sizing – Stop Losses – Take Profits
Scaling In & Out – Trading Plans
Trading Journals / Logs

psychology / mentality

Who Are You – Starting Your Journey
Risk Management – Trading Plans – Trading Journals
Confidence & Beliefs – Mind and Body​

market secrets ​

Getting Rich – Beyond Technical Analysis
Our Indicators – Trading the News – Correlations
Become Unbeatable – Make Your Own Magic

keep Safe ​ ​

Common Mistakes – Leverage
​Types of Scams – Tips / Guides

never lose a trade ​ ​

Leverage like a Legend
Hedge like a Hero
Perform like a Pro!
We are the company dedicated to helping you with all things Trading. The possibilities for growth and Mastering the Markets are endless with the services we offer.

✓ Get Educated in our extensive Trading Academy
✓ Get an edge over the market using our industry leading Indicators
✓ Grow together in our amazing Trading Communities

We can help you grow, nurture your skills and develop in to the Trader we know you can be.
We are proud of our industry leading Indicators. All the way from our Free Plan to our Premium Elite Tier, all our Indicators are designed to give any Trader an edge over the Market and Competition.