Masters of Trading

indices & stocks

The Indices are made up of a “basket” of different stocks. The S&P 500 (Standard & Poor 500) is the top 500 companies in the US. The FTSE 100 is the UKs version with 100 companies. These Indices are made up of the well known Stock we are all familiar with.



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learn. EVOLVE. trade. THRive

With Masters of Trading you can learn essential life skills as well as learning to Trade.
You can make new friends and socialise with like minded people.
Develop yourself as a person, grow and go Pro. Evolving in to a well rounded, disciplined Trader.
Trading should be fun and through us when you master the basics of becoming a professional trader you will
thrive and prosper in all aspects of your new self sustaining life!

trading ​academy

– Learn how to read charts
– Understand the Markets
– Identify low risk, high probability Trades
– Become a Professional Trader

community & ​mentoring

– Access to experienced Traders
– Regular access to Mentors
– Accelerate your Learning and Growth
– Make new like-minded Friends

indicators & tools

– Technical tools created by the best coding experts
-Strategy testing & implementation
– Industry leading Indicators


​I had been trading for nearly 3 years prior to joining Masters of Trading. Snatching at small profits and watching significant losses develop and allowing that to suck the life out of me. Masters of Trading… Simple, clear and confidence inspiring. Thank You.
Graham Johnson (Elite) – Whatsapp
I really feel and believe I am now the complete buy low, sell high Trader!!
Bryan Ferry (AnalystPro) – Facebook

membership levels

We have four levels of Membership and a Mentorship package.
Every level is completely designed and tailored with a Zero to Hero approach.
The varying levels of memberships contain additional benefits and improved grade class of Indicators.
please note – absolute *Premium* Indicators are reserved for Elite Members only and are not for sale at any price.